12x18 (and 11x17) Poster All original photography (some of found vhs footage) and illustration. Type altered by practical, in-camera methods.
12x18 Poster. Mix of original and found photography which was then altered. Typography altered/created by practical, in-camera/print methods.
12x18 Poster. All original photography and illustration. 'Brown Recluse' was hand-lettered, the rest was an existing typeface.
12x18 poster. Created with a mix of practical and digital collage. All original photography. Type was degraded by practical/in camera methods, no photoshop filters.
12x18 Poster. Practical and Digital Collage. All original photography except for Tree, which is based on found photography. Type is actual typefaces degraded by practical means.
12x18 Poster. Mix of all original illustration (swirls and circles), original photography (flowers, skull and screen textures), found photography (clouds and droplets), hand lettering ('Lewis and Clarke'), and existing fonts.
11x17 poster. Hand lettering on band names, support type altered by practical, in-camera means. All original photography except for the sun image. Practical and digital collage, photocopy. Color added digitally.
12x18 poster. All original photography, illustration and type treatments (except font choice for KFN). All type manipulation achieved by practical, in-camera effects, and then collaged/composited together in photoshop.
12x18 Poster. Digital Photography, Illustration, Type Manipulation. Imagery based on digital photos I took of found vhs footage, degraded and altered through screen capture, print texture and other means. Strokes created with ink brush and photocopy degradation. Type started as hand-stamped lettering, then altered through practical, in-camera means, and collaged together.
12x18 Poster. All original photography and illustration.
12x18 Poster. All original photography and illustration (central image is an original abstract creation). Type altered and set by practical means.
Winter 2010 Tour Poster for Strand Of Oaks and White Pines. Original illustration which is a mix of Digital photography, photocopy, graphite pencil, ink, lettering created practically with a typewriter.
12x18 Poster. All Original Photography and Illustration. Mix of hand lettering and existing type altered by practical means.
12x18 Poster. All original photography/illustration. Photomanipulation through practical means, then layers assembled in photoshop. Band names created by hand-lettering, border created with ink and brush
11x17 Poster. All original photography & illustration. Typography on top portion created by hand, distorted by practical means (dot lettering based on shapes of various weights of Helvetica Neue).
12x18 Poster. All original photography and hand lettering.